Wet Blasting Equipment

When blasting requires minimal dust in the vicinity, we can supply attachments for your blast nozzle to introduce water into the air stream which will reduce dust levels up to 95%. Our wet blasting attachments. The attachments also eliminate particle embedment into the surface while blasting. The attachments buffers and cushions the abrasive media producing unique finishing capabilities and advantages. Our attachments are designed and manufactured out of high quality material and will ensure reliability with a long lasting operation lifespan We supply two systems, the Wet blast Assembly which introduces a water envelope around the blasting stream to reduce dust levels by up to 80%. The other system, the KB50 Wet Blast Attachment requires a hydraulic pump to inject water into the blasting stream which reduces dust levels by up to 95%. We also stock and supply replacement parts for both attachments if required.

Wet Head Assembly

The Applied Wet Head attachment range is designed to provide a water envelope around the blasting air and abrasive stream.