Sand Blasting Products & Parts

Varimount 350 PTO Compressor

Flexible air-power on the move.  Patented MAGNUM air end Flow rate 5.2 to 11m3/min (184 – 350 cfm)

Moisture Removal Equipment | Applied Concepts LTD

Abrasive Blasting Equipment

All of Applied Blast Machines are manufactured in Ireland and are CE Approved. They’re available in a range of sizes and come supplied with all necessary attachments.

Personal Protective Equipment

We consider your safety a priority and so we offer a selection of Personal Protective Equipment. Our sales team will ensure that you get the correct safety equipment that won’t let you down.

Blasting Abrasives | Applied Concepts LTD

Blasting Abrasives

Our abrasive media is manufactured, bagged and shipped from our state of the art abrasive manufacturing plant ensuring our customers receive a silica-free, safe and reliable product.

Soda Blasting Equipment

We design and manufacture these blast machines to the highest standard possible to provide you with outstanding performance levels under the most demanding operating conditions.

Blast Cabinets

Applied Blast Cabinets are engineered for the ultimate performance and durability proudly manufactured here in Ireland.

Diesel Portable Air Compressors

Applied range of diesel portable air compressors and follow up servicing.

Blast Pot Fittings and Spares | Applied Concepts LTD

Blast Pot Fittings & Spares

When purchasing an Applied blast machine, you will be assured that we have any fitting you require.

Nozzles and Holders | Applied Concepts LTD

Nozzles & Holders

Here at Applied we set the standard in maximising performance and productivity with our abrasive blasting nozzles.

Blasting Hose | Applied Concepts LTD

Blasting Hose

We provide a comprehensive stock of long-lasting heavy duty blast hose for most blast machines in today’s market.

Blast Hose Couplings | Applied Concepts LTD

Blast Hose Couplings

Applied Blast Hose Couplings are designed from premium grade materials and will provide you with an extremely long lasting product…

Compressed Air Hose and Fittings | Applied Concepts LTD

Compressed Air Hose and Fittings

We’ll ensure you have the best quality compressed air hose and accessories to complement your business.

Moisture Removal Equipment | Applied Concepts LTD

Moisture Removal Equipment

We stock and supply moisture removal equipment that efficiently removes bulk liquid contamination from the compressed air stream.

Remote Valves and Accessories | Applied Concepts LTD

Remote Valves and Accesories

Top quality remote valves that give the operator complete control over the activation and deactivation of the blast pot during operation.

Abrasive Metering Valves | Applied Concepts LTD

Abrasive Metering

We stock and supply a range of metering valves that will maximise productivity by closely controlling the abrasive in the airflow.

Lighting | Applied Concepts LTD


We stock and supply blasting lights that can either be retrofitted to either the blast helmet or blast hose to provide a crisp clear illumination to the work surface.

Wet Blast | Applied Concepts LTD

Wet Blast

Our attachments are designed and manufactured out of high quality material and will ensure reliability with a long lasting operation lifespan.

I.D. Blasting Equipment | Applied Concepts LTD

I.D. Blasting Equipment

Applied has you covered with a selection of tools to retrofit onto your blast hose for blasting the inside surface area of pipes with outstanding results.

Used and Refurbished | Applied Concepts LTD

Used and Refurbished

Our team of engineers specialise in complete restoration and meticulous revision of all the components of our blast machines. All come with 12 a month warranty.