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The PanBlast™ Plana Valve is utilized to provide extremely precise metering of abrasive from the blast pot to the blast hose. With its unique 45° design, the Plana Valve permits a smooth, natural flow of abrasives into the blasting air stream, and overcomes some of the premature wear which may occur in some other types of abrasive control valves. Our plana valve with increase production rates creating an optimum abrasive blasting efficiently by controlling the desired amount of abrasive entering the air stream.

Key Features
  • One fixed and one moveable stainless steel metering plate provide long life
  • Metering plate allows for high degree of metering adjustment
  • Superior durability over carbon steel
  • Maximises productivity and dramatically decreased abrasive wastage
  • Precise metering plate can be adjusted to expose the varying amounts of an orifice hole in the disc.
  • Can be used with expendable type abrasives such as copper slag and coarse crushed glass
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Very precise metering adjustment
  • Strong cast body construction
  • Precise stainless steel metering plate
  • 45 degree design allows smooth natural flow of abrasives into the air stream
  • Reliable product
  • Long lasting internal parts