Hugh Kearns Case Study

Hugh Kearns – Vintage Tractor Enthusiast – Kildare – Ireland
Hugh Kearns is a perfectionist when it comes to the restoration of vintage tractors. When restoring vintage tractors, Hugh pays particular attention to detail even down to the point of using genuine Massey Ferguson bolts when restoring Massey tractors.

Hugh understood that the preparation of the various components is key to ensuring a top quality paint finish.

Hugh chose an Applied 40 Litre Blast Pot to ensure all surfaces were correctly prepared prior to painting.

MF 1135 Restoration Video

Check out the below video to see the work of a perfectionist and see how a tractor should be restored.

Client Comments

Hugh Kearns: “The restoration of tractors is an important project for me and I wanted to ensure it was a complete success. Thanks to the efficiency and professional advice from the team at Applied, I have been able to restore my tractors to the highest quality, without any hassle”.