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Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve

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The Applied Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve has been developed from the Series I valve, to provide even greater reliability and efficiency. The Applied Series II Corsa Valve is a normally closed abrasive metering valve requiring a pilot compressed air signal to open it, which then permits abrasive flow. The Series II Corsa Valve may be used on both pressure hold and pressure release blast pots.

When use on pressure hold, multiple outlet pots, the Corsa II Valve permits each operator to blast totally independent of each other. When used with pressure release blast pots, the Corsa II Valve prevents the blast hose filling with abrasive each time the pot is depressurized.

Key Features
  • Increased spring force for quicker valve actuation improving sleeve and seat
    service life
  • Excellent plunger seal arrangement to ensure precise sealing and extended seal
    service life.
  • Hexagon cast into valve top for easier assembly and disassembly.
  • Connecting nipple carburise hardened to 55Rc, which greatly reduced wear.
  • Indicator on adjustment knob for precise control of abrasive media flow.
  • Plunger seat design improved to provide better sealing and operating life.
  • Improved piston design for smoother operation and better reliability.
  • Available in both NPT & BSP threaded versions, with either 1¼” or 1½” threads.
  • Plunger, seat holder, bush and plunger cap now feature stainless steel
  • Clean out/drain [port for improved servicing and maintenance.
  • Graduation markings on the valve top for more precise metering and abrasive
  • Weight: 2.65 kg
  • Very precise metering adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Relocated Breather Hole
  • Piston travel stop nut and exhaust filter added to
    prevent dust from entering air chamber.
  • Smooth and long lasting operation
  • Can be connected to various size pipes using connecting nipples
  • Replacement parts available