Blast Pot Fittings & Spares

When purchasing an Applied blast machine, you will be assured that we have any fitting you require.

We stock and supply all external and internal components which feature exceptional high quality and built to last. All our fittings and spares have been designed from the ground up to ensure a top quality product to exceed customer satisfaction.

Only high grade materials are used with every product to ensure maximised operational life to ensure the best value for money for our customers along with minimalized down time and increased production rates.

Blast Pot Fittings & Spares | Applied Concepts LTD
Pop Values and Seal Ring | Applied Concepts LTD

Pop Valves & Seal Ring

The Applied range of blast machines feature a Pop Up Valve inside the blast pot which allows blasting media into the pot while the pot is deactivated.

Pressure Relief Valves

An indispensable safety component for the compressed air-stream and are manufactured to safeguard the operator and blast pot from over pressure.

Exhaust Muffler

The Applied Exhaust Muffler is specifically designed piece of equipment utilized for noise suppression when the blast machine is discharging air.

Nipple Connectors | Applied Concepts LTD

Nipple Connectors

The Applied range of nipple connectors consist of a male pipe thread on each end with a hexagonal section in the centre for a wrench to grasp when tightening.

Tee Connectors | Applied Concepts LTD

Tee Connectors

The Applied range of Tee connectors are constructed from solid brass for remarkable durability, perfect for blasting applications.

Pressure Gauges

Our range of pressure gauges have been designed so that wearing parts are reduced to a minimum. High reliability and heavy duty.

Ball Values | Applied Concepts LTD

Ball Valves

Our range of Applied manual Ball Valves are reliable and simple to use as a shutoff valve or flow restricting valve.

Sieves | Applied Concepts LTD


The Applied Sieve is designed to sit on top of an Applied blast machine featuring a mesh to keep abrasive media clean, dry and flowing.