Blast Hose Couplings

Applied Blast Hose Couplings are designed from premium grade materials and will provide the operator with an extremely long lasting product.

The fittings lock perfectly together providing a secure join between the couplings. We supply a variety of different size couplings; both in nylon or bronze, their design with raised internal rings prevent any air leakage during operation.

Our quick is connect couplings attach to the Applied blast hose with a series of screws penetrating the other layer of the blast hose without penetrating the inner casing. During operation, the pressure inside the hose ensures a tight seal. Our couplings feature spiral ribs that also aid towards a seal between the coupling and blast hose for increased safety. Built in lock springs on the couplings keeps the couplings securely connected without risk of accidental disconnection.

Blast Hose Couplings | Applied Concepts LTD
Nylon Hose & Pot Coupling | Applied Concepts LTD

Nylon Hose & Pot Couplings

The Applied Nylon Hose Couplings are designed for coupling blast hoses together or attaching the hose to the blast pot.

Metal Hose & Pot Couplings | Applied Concepts LTD

Metal Hose & Pot Couplings

The Applied metal hose couplings come are manufactured from robust, sand cast construction and can withstand harsh working environments.

Coupling Gaskets & Locking Pins | Applied Concepts LTD

Coupling Gaskets & Locking Pins

Blast coupling gaskets and locking pins are available in a variety of sizes and designed to be located within the pot and hose coupling.