Abrasive Metering Valves

Here at Applied we believe that control of costs is largely down to the abrasive consumption and therefore control is vital to maximise productivity. We stock and supply a range of metering valves that will maximise productivity by closely controlling the abrasive in the airflow. Our abrasive metering valves guarantee unmatched performance, dependability and durability with any type of abrasive. Without controlling the abrasive airflow, too much abrasive exits the nozzle disrupting velocity and decreasing the amount of energy impacting the surface. Once this happens, productivity will reduce and abrasive will be wasted. Our meters will precisely meter any abrasive, easy to service and repair, and available in a variety of size. A lean air and abrasive mixture will produce faster cutting, reduced abrasive consumption and increased productivity. We also stock spare parts, accessories and service kits for the metering valves.

All our metering valves and fittings comply with the industry standard and requirements.

Abrasive Metering Valves | Applied Concepts LTD
Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Corsa II Control Valve

The Applied Corsa II Abrasive Control Valve has been developed from the Series I valve, to provide even greater reliability and efficiency.

Junior Miser Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Junior Miser Valve

Our miser valve creates optimum blasting efficiency by controlling the desired amount of abrasive entering the air stream.

Fina Abrasive Control Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Fina Control Valve

This permits precise, constant abrasive flow to the blast nozzle, resulting in significant cost savings due to virtually no abrasive wastage.

Fina II Abrasive Control Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Fina II Control Valve

The Series II Fina Valve has several new features which make it one of the most efficient and effective abrasive valves available today.

Enviro Garnet Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Enviro Garnet Valve

The Applied Enviro Valve is a cost effective, manually operated, ball type abrasive feed control valve, specifically designed for use with garnet abrasive media.

Pinch Control Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Pinch Control Valve

An air operated piston type valve, designed to use a plunger to crimp/close the operators blast hose to start and stop the blasting operation.

Plana Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Plana Valve

The PanBlast™ Plana Valve is utilized to provide extremely precise metering of abrasive from the blast pot to the blast hose and permits a smooth, natural flow of abrasives.

Plana II Abrasive Control Valve | Applied Concepts LTD

Plana II Control Valve

The Applied Plana II Abrasive Control Valve has evolved from the original Plana Valve, to become simple in design, yet sophisticated in operation.

Abra Flo Abrasive Trap | Applied Concepts LTD

Abra-Flo Abrasive Trap

The Applied AbroFlo Abrasive Trap is specifically designed in a cyclonic configuration to trap any abrasive particles which are exhausted from the pressure blast pot when depressurized.